NOTAM Reports

NOTAM reports for flight planning

The NOTAM report or Notice to Airmen Report is a notice that is essential in assisting pilots in their flight planning.

Anything from warnings to no fly zones, closed aerodrome or runways, notice of events that may cause disruption to landing times and so on it essential that all pilots check the NOTAM report before they plan their flights.

A NOTAM report gives a flight planner the insight they need to accurately determine their chosen path, thus saving time, fuel and uncertainty if the NOTAM report was not checked prior to taking off.

Displaying NOTAMs details on map
RocketRoute Flight Plan has all the NOTAMS reports you need to plan effectively and not be disappointed.

The great thing about our NOTAM system being combined with all the other benefits of RocketRoute is if the destination you need to get to is closed for any particular reason you can plan through the software an alternate route and plan your journey to the location once you have landed.

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