How to work with the draft flight plans

Discover new options when working with draft flight plans. Get access to all routing results when saving a draft. Save a draft as a completed flight.

Have you ever thought ‘Have I scrolled through all the routing options?’ or ‘Were there better-optimized routings in the list?’ before pressing ‘Next’?

Previously autorouting was restarted when checking the other routing options. Now simply click ‘Back’ to receive all the routing results without starting the autorouting process again.

RocketRoute makes it possible to have the original autoroute options immediately ready to make changes/updates to the flight plan or to reopen a saved draft .

With the feature ‘Save as completed flight’, you can plan your flight, download the briefing pack, and copy the flight to your flown flight history – for compliance purposes or just for your own records without the need to file a flight plan. Just enter the take-off and landing times and save as completed.

This will work for pilots who do not necessarily need to file the flight plan. This feature will also help clear unneeded drafts because only your actual flights will be saved as completed.

Save all Route Results with Draft/Filed Plans

The recent update presents all the options found by the Autorouter even when a flight draft has been saved or a flight plan has been closed.

Upon reopening the draft or filed plan, the system will indicate the validity of all routes using this color scheme: Green for valid routes, and Yellow for routes that need to be re-validated.

Now, when opening a saved draft flight plan, all routing options are presented together along with their validity status, without having to repeat a new autorouting process.

Before: a single saved routing option. Now: All routing options are presented with their validity status.

How to use ‘Save as completed flight’

  1. Sign in to your RocketRoute account.
  2. Click the ‘plus’ icon to create a new flight.
  3. Fill out all the details of a flight, press the ‘Save’ button.
  4. Now the flight is saved to the ‘ALL FLIGHTS’ page as a draft.
  5. Click on the draft, and press ‘Save as Completed Flight’.
  6. On the next step, select Take Off and Landing Time.
  7. You will see a pop-up on the screen with the information about the saved flight plan. 
  8. A flight saved as completed looks the following:

Further information

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